Thursday, October 29, 2009


Rock the World is a rock festival featuring independent bands from all over Malaysia which was organized by Fat Boys Events. Every year, thousands of rock lovers gather to enjoy the beauty of rock music. As you can see, this festival has grown and i-amtv had the privilege to interview the bands for Rock The World 8, which was held at Secret Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

The event started as early as mid day and the show was kicked off with several college bands. The crowd strolled in looking at merchandise and buying food at the stalls, preparing for a marathon of rock entertainment! 

As the day turned to night, the crowd grew bigger and wilder as Malaysia’s top indie bands started to play. The adrenaline was at a high! With such an environment, you can definitely expect lots of excitement especially body surfing. It was awesome! 

Amongst some of the top bands were Bunkface, One Buck Short, The Times, Estranged, Estrella, , Pure Vibracions, Zip Zeller and many more. Closing the night was the one of the crowds’ favourites… Butterfingers.



i-amtv managed to interview the organizer and a few participating bands. 



And of course, with a concert this long, we surely need this! I wonder if 3 is enough for a crowd of this size. I guess male and female are all alike.

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zarinasak said...

Sweet...... I like the toilet part. Be yourself!:)