Wednesday, October 21, 2009

INDIEPENDENTS DAY Live at UP Vinzon's Hill, Philippines

Dear readers,

i-amtv would like to apologize for not updating the blog sooner as we are still in the midst of restructuring for the betterment of the independent bands supporting i-amtv as well as the viewers.

Anyway, having said that, as promised, i-amtv would like to take you to the Indie Pendence Day show which was live in the UP (University of Philippines) Diliman parking lot. This event was held on the 12 of December 2008. 

i-amtv had the privilege to cover the event by interviewing bands, event organizer, crowd and shooting clips of the event. Unfortunately, there was no full video coverage for the night so viewers will not get a chance to watch the full event, but hopefully the pictures here (and in our website) will be sufficient for your viewing pleasure.

All the bands that performed throughout were from the Philippines. Amongst some of them are Piledriver, Bloodshedd, End of Man, Skabeche, Collie Herb, Bambuspliff, Sacrilegion, Sikatuna, Your Imaginary Friends, Mihara, 8 Oz, Antropine, Kerneloverdrive, Uknams, The Failures, Ebanchelyo, Escalator 7, Wasted Sopas, Subzero, Lastfall, Kalachuchie, Diwata, Breastfeed, Tasa, Balingkuko, Kechapsyndrome, Imprenta, Malignant, Azim, Flickerfusion, Indios, Carpe Diem, Memoirs, Cathedriast, United By Fate, Crudeoz, Lowtechs, Timefirst and Credit Card Reasons.  Yes! It was an all night long event till the wee hours of the day. It was “A DAY OF ART AND MUSIC SHOWCASING INDIE BANDS, TATTOO ARTISTES, PEDAL MAKERS AND LUTHIERS”.  By the way, does anyone know what is a pedal maker and luthier?

Among one of the highlights of the night was a band member of Escalator 7 called Derek Ferrer, who was adventurous enough to have the i-amtv logo tattooed on his chest.  

Kudos to you man!

The tattoo artiste himself was from an indie band called Sacrilegion.  

Many bands supported i-amtv by signing up with us. The response was overwhelming. Thank you very much for your support and we will do our best to promote all of you.

Another thing that caught our attention was the fact that there was absolutely NO soundcheck prior to any performance. In any case, it was common that musicians would comment on the sound condition even if they had a soundcheck and to our amazement, Everyone seemed oblivious to the surrounding and had fun head banging and dancing to the music. No complains at all! Check out this video.

 Music by Resurrected.

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