Thursday, November 13, 2008

Introduction of i-amtv!

Hey Dudes n Babes out der..

We recently opened a tv station which is called i-amtv.It's Asia’s first and very own Asian independent music channel. Short for Independent Asian Music TV, i-amtv offers you a wide selection of music genre from pop to rock, punk to grunge and loads more! Get ready for a taste of pure Independent Asian Music and a better understanding of it all in one channel.
What sets i-amtv apart from other music channels is that we play nothing but Asian indie music encompassing a touch of foreign culture. We are focused on bringing the best of Independent Asian Music to the media, playing music tracks from artiste and bands that contribute to more than 30% of today’s vastly growing music industry worldwide, giving the world an opportunity to discover & savour them.
i-amtv is everywhere; via 3G cellular service, InternetTV, our official website, Internet blogs and magazines. i-amtv is set to create awareness of the Independent Asian Music culture to the bold, the wild n the radicals worldwide.

Soo..people out there who want 2 b a star bt u dont hav a music video..its okay..we have other ways of helpin u out..i-amtv will add ur song in an extreme sport video or allow u 2 perform 4 us in a concert n v will record it n giv it 2 u..soo no swt ppl..juz send us an email about ur music n the music u provide us have 2 be indie..thnx ppl..

Email us at

i-amtv, nothing but Being Yourself


aktivista said...

how about the pictures shooting at u.p.diliman last january,'09

Genervie said...

YES. But unfortunately i-amtv is in the midst of restructuring so please bear with us. UP even will be posted in the next blog which is coming up very soon. Thanks for your support