Monday, November 30, 2009

PENTAVIA, Live at Cee Jay's Place

Dear readers,

Watch Pentavia Live! Join us as we rock the place with more great music all the way from The Philippines.

 Event Details

Date: 11th December 2009 (Friday)

Time: 8:30-9:30pm

Venue: Cee Jay’s Place (29, Jalan Bukit 11/2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia)

“Pentavia formerly known as soultribe was formed on the eve of the millennium. It is composed of Chico Gonzales on Drums, Andrei Agulto on Bass, Jesse and Joks Reyes on guitars while Vlad Pullarca does the vocals. Pentavia was coined as the groups name because of their vision of flight, they were five hungry souls yearning to fly combined with shrieking guitar riffs and pounding drum beats which filled their moods, Pentavia was born. Pentavia means five in flight or five wings symbolizing man’s limitless boundaries

Their music is heavy given the fact that highly amplified guitars and gut busting bass licks blend with the drums produce a heavy feel to the crowd while the vocals belt it out in a manner far imagined. The music maybe heavy but the lyrics will surely make you fly. Respect and Support to other bands has been bannered by pentavia for two years. They have always believed that the industry has a chance to reach the peak, if only bands would greatly support each other with utmost respect, discrimination could be squashed in an instant.

Pentavia performs regularly at Mayrics, Freedom Bar and Club Dredd. While some of their memorable gigs were done on an open air venue. Nine years has passed sinced these five souls have bumped to each other, till now their vission still remains the same.”

So don’t miss out on a night to remember. There will be NO RESERVATION and NO COVER CHARGE!

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See you there!

Friday, November 27, 2009

VIMA 2009

VIMA, short for “Voice Independent Music Awards” is the first all independent music awards in Malaysia and was first held on the 18th of January 2009 at Titanium Super Dance Club. This awards show was organized by (Asian lifestyle and entertainment website) and it drew approximately 650 invited guests of which, 300 were music celebrities.

VIMA is dedicated to only Malaysian indie artistes and the hosts for that evening were Double C and C. Loco (formerly from renowned Malaysian band Poetic Ammo).

There were performances by several Malaysian indie artistes and amongst some of them were Melissa Indot, Estrella, Deja Voodoo Spells, etc… There was also a special appearance by costume impersonators.  

The categories and winners of VIMA 2009 are as follows:

Best Pop Song:       1st       Stay – Estrella

                  2nd      Ada Masa – Infinetez

                  3rd      Khabarkan – Loscious


Best Pop Group:      1st      Estrella

                  2nd       Pure Vibracions

                  3rd       Radiostar


Best Pop Vocalist:      1st      Yuna

                        2nd      Liyana (Estrella)

                        3rd      Reza Salleh


Best Female Vocalist (Overall):      1st      Liyana (Estrella)


Best Rock Song:      1st      The Slave In Us – Estranged

                  2nd      Kelibat Korupsi – One Buck Short

                  3rd       Rise Above – Frequency Cannon


Best Rock Group:      1st      One Buck Short

                        2nd      Curtis Blues Review

                        3rd      Estranged


Best Rock Vocalist:      1st       Rithan – Deja Voodoo Spells

                        2nd      Mooky – One Buck Short

                        3rd      Prema Yin


Best Hip-Hop Song:      1st      Truth Hurts – Vassanth & KK Kanna

                        2nd      Come My Lady – Ad Voc featruring Kraft

                        3rd      Bak Datang – Rebel Scum


Best Hip-Hop Solo:       1st      Altimet

                        2nd      Vassanth

                        3rd      Malique


Best Hip-Hop Group:      1st      Rebel Scum

                        2nd      Dose Two

                        3rd      Phlowtron


Best Dance Song:            1st       Life Is A Mystery – Shrunthi

                        2nd      Crystal Transient – Vortex

                        3rd      I Feel Love – Djay Pee


Best Dance Act:      1st       Transient Vortex

                  2nd      Nicky C

                  3rd      Melissa Indot


Best Dance DJ (Club):      DJ Fuzz


Best Remix:      Apologize Immoral Souls


Best Collaboration:      Starlight (Remix) – Melissa Indot featuring Kraft


Best Instrumental:      Kids Djay Pee & Nicky C


Best Song To Play At A Camp Fire and

To Do Away With Monday Morning Blues:      Won’t Be Very Far – Remy J


Best College Act:      Phoeny X


Best Guitar “Goreng” Riff:      Pendekar Tangan Berapi – Nrocinu


Best Act In The Whole

Universe (International Act):            The Diplomats (Indonesia/Malaysia/Canada/Hong Kong)


Best Producer:            D Navigator & Malique (Malique – OK)


Best Freaking Act Of The Year:            Deja Voodoo Spells


Most Mind Blowing Music Video:            Yang Pernah – Estranged


Thank You For Existing Awards:            Deepset



Best Pub Act:            Vijay, Albert and Bada


Digital Downloads:            Kelvin


Song Of The Year:            Altimet – Chantek


Hall of Fame Award:            Jakeman

                                                      Jason Lo


                                                      Ahmad Izham Omar           

Ahmad Izham Omar receiving his award.

Jason Lo receiving his award.

That’s all the categories for this year. Please look out for more updates VIMA 2010. It will be held on 17th January 2010 and they will be expecting a slightly bigger crowd of 800 invited guests. More new categories awaits you and more fun!

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